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How to ask for weed I Searching Sexy Chat

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How to ask for weed

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Similar to asking someone if they smoke, inviting a person to smoke will answer your question, too.

We talked to a few Chicago-area weed dealers about their customer pet peeves and the dos and don'ts of buying pot on the DL. You will be blacklisted.

Our guide on how to get weed

There has to be a downside of being able to just stroll yo the store and buy your weed and so it comes in the form of taxes — no way around it. And while I'll definitely do that, it's gotta be on my terms.

This will make it relatively easy to guess without even having to ask. You will know right away if the person has anything negative to say and so just end the conversation.

How not to treat weed dealers, according to weed dealers

Go smoke your own shit. Lastly, don't ask me if I've laced my weed with something else.

There are a few smoke shops in the area, but they are scattered around everywhere. Just go by your feelings about the person before you ask.

Please keep all posts relevant, thoughtful, and understandable.

From time to time, you can just look at someone and tell if they smoke. Be informed, know what you are buying. As stated above, it can be hard to say exactly how much your weed weighs just by looking at it.

I hook up my friends, of course, and I give deals for bulk shopping just like Costco. I don't think you'll have much trouble with that approach since New York State has decriminalized marijuana - as long as you're not possessing over 25 grams 0. Tweet Snap Close to half of all Americans have tried marijuanaand as more accepting attitudes prevail and social mores loosen, the is growing steadily. If you're lucky enough to become a member, follow the first rule of fight club: Don't fucking talk about fight club.

If they have a loyalty program, they'll let you know, and they'll hook you up if they want you to come back. We also welcome links and self-posts that contain helpful advice and information about cannabis. Look at it and smell it as well.

You just have to deal with it sometimes but you have to realize they have lives too. I'm also not going to smoke you up unless you're my friend, so don't hang out hoping I'm going to offer you free weed after I just sold some to you. If someone celebratesthen they are a true pot-smoker. Discreet stash boxes come in handy.

Chances are, a weed-smoker will respond positively to this question. Don't ask me if you can pay me with Venmo. Some people assume they can get customer loyalty discounts after they've bought a certain amount from me.


Do you want to match? This all hinges on your judgement of the people you chose to approach in such a manner.

Please keep all posts relevant, thoughtful, and understandable. No one likes the friends that pinch your bag and unfortunately, that happens so you have to be careful. The tl you buy, the cheaper it is per gram — simple economics.

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Cash only. That way you will know whether or not you are buying dank weed or just some schwag. well if your at college or HS or whatever, ask some kids smoking cigerettes, chances are, they smoke weed. Feel free to make a post asking a specific question about cannabis, and the community will answer. Good luck.

9 ways to subtly ask someone if they smoke weed

So, you want to know if someone smokes weed, but aren't sure how to ask. It's probably because I sell to younger kids, but a lot of people accuse me of putting stuff in my weed because it gets them so high.

They now have Arizona Iced Tea, Monster Energy, household items, pantry supplies and soda can looking stash cans. In such case, how do you handle the situation? Sometimes I run out and can't pick up for a few days. › › Apprentice Marijuana Consumption.

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If someone I didn't know asked to me to help them buy weed I might think it a set up for a sting; if they just asked if I could help them get a smoke then probably I'd be less suspicious. just be like "hey do you know. I'd say my customers are more paranoid than I am. They'll keep adding to their "tab" and think they can do it going forward. If anyone can help, that will be great.

Dress like a college student and just seem nice.